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The Two Feathers Society is a semi-secret, sacred brethren/sistren of like-minded individuals.  Ours is a members only fellowship whose mission and vision are, through our actions, to foster a new underground society predicated on kindness, empathy, love, and community.  Traditionally, we have been an invite only society; however, with the world in such turmoil today, we have decided to open our ledger to any and all kindred souls.

If you have stumbled upon our site by accident, welcome.  We don't believe it was an accident, and we are glad you are here. 

If you find yourself on this page because you have been the recipient of a Renegade Act of Kindness (RAK), please know that someone in our sacred society valued you enough to do this for you.  Something about you spoke to that person in a profound and impactful way.  Perhaps one of our members saw you struggling with something.  Perhaps they saw you exhibit your own act of kindness.  Perhaps yours was just a serendipitous encounter with one of our brethren or sistren, and they simply wanted to touch your life. 

No matter how you arrived, you are here now, and we don’t think that’s a coincidence.  As a matter of fact, we've been waiting for you.  Welcome Home.

All monies raised by our sacred society benefit Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Home: Welcome

"You can't fly with only one feather, but with two feathers you just might."

-Tattoo Tom

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